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All3DP is the #1 magazine for the digital maker, with compelling content on 3D printing, 3D scanning, CAD, laser cutting/engraving, CNC, SBCs, and more.

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It is our mission to provide our readers with unbiased, consumer-oriented, and helpful content that does not necessarily require prior 3D printing knowledge. 

And we realized
something was 

After establishing All3DP as a global magazine, we began work on what would become Craftcloud, one of the first 3D printing service marketplaces. What started as a simple idea to compare 3D printing prices in real-time has grown into a robust service that has brought more than 1,000,000 3D printed pieces to life - with more produced daily.

The All3DP full-time team works in Munich, Germany but we are proud to have contributing writers from around the world thanks to our Content Academy. Our international team represents 15 countries and speaks English, German, French, and Chinese (among others).

“Working internationally from Munich works exceptionally well. And we always find good employees in Munich — even and most particularly with an international background.”

Mathias Plica, Founder & CEO

International Talent & Passion for 3D Printing

If you want to reach out to the editorial team with your thoughts or new submissions, please email contact@all3dp.com.
If you want to contact the business and investor side of All3DP, please write to pr@all3dp.com.

All3DP was founded by Mathias Plica, Stefan Schwarz-Ulrich, and Anatol Locker, all experienced entrepreneurs from the field of digital publishing. They came together with the goal of bringing something unique to the 3D printing industry.

From 3 founders with 
an idea to 30 employees and 2 million readers per month

Stefan, a mathematician, and Mathias, an economist, previously worked together for over ten years leading Chip Online to become one of the most visited websites in Germany. Anatol joined them as a seasoned tech journalist who has worked in the industry for more than 20 years.

The leadership team is completed by Mikkel Kring. Mikkel in his role as CPO has built Craftcloud up to become the 3D printing marketplace it is today. 

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We have a great office in Munich’s Westend and are looking for passionate, creative people to join us.

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With the Content Academy, All3DP offers a program for 3D printing enthusiasts to become contributing writers. We’ve also added a professional section to the magazine - All3DP Pro - to cover professional 3D printing solutions and help businesses make informed buying decisions.

We strive to be your first stop for reviews, buyer’s guides,  how-tos, and 3D printing basics.

In 2014, we saw a bright future for 3D printing

When we launched the company, we made a bet: interest in 3D printing would continue to grow and we’d be able to reach a large number of people around the world with 3D printing articles. Luckily, we quickly won that bet. Within 24 months, All3DP became (and has remained) the international leading online magazine for 3D printing.